GUSMA Production Plant was created in 1986 in Sady near Poznań. It specialises in the production of metal products from steel, stainless steel and acid resistant steel. We currently employ 85 people and have a production area of ​​3 900 m2.

We are constantly expanding our business and in order to increase its competitiveness, we have decided to implement the quality management system ISO9001. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. They are manufactured using innovative technology and subjected to constant monitoring at all stages of the manufacturing process, which ensures high quality repeatability.

We use the following operations for the production:

  • Cutting,
  • Forming,
  • Punching,
  • Drilling,
  • Bending,
  • Machining,
  • Grinding,
  • Polishing,
  • Glazing,
  • Manual welding and welding on Panasonic robotic welding stations (MIG, MAG, TIG),
  • Blasting,
  • Powder coating,
  • 3D measurement control.



GUSMA Production Plant was created in 1986 in Sady near Poznań.
We manufacture products based on the customer's technical documentation as well as the documentation prepared by our professionals. Our products are subject to constant monitoring by the technology and quality control department.

Welding is our key specialisation. We have 12 welding stations for manual welding and 3 PANASONIC robotic welding stations.
Welded joints in the products manufactured by us are repeatable and of the highest quality. We cooperate with specialists in the field of welding. Our staff working in the welding departments have full qualification. Compliance and quality of the products can be confirmed by welding technologists and quality controllers qualified to accept welds using VT1 and VT2 tests.
We are a professional manufacturing company with many years of experience in the industry, we offer comprehensive services, starting from design, valuation, preparation of necessary tools and instruments, to the beginning of the production process and the final product delivered to the customer.

Currently, we work on a permanent basis with such industries as, inter alia: household appliances, medical, furniture, and food industry. Our regular customers particularly appreciate when cooperating with us: our commitment, delivery always on time, flexible approach to changes, high level of quality, continuous development and investment in new technologies.

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The high quality of our products and services is appreciated by customers from: Poland, France, Sweden, Germany, Spain

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